Ayik Baldreson

Unique Character. Insane Survivor.


Lvl 4 Enhanced Ghoul

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SPECIAL NOTE: Though he has the attributes of an undead creature, a ghoul, he is not actually undead. Treat as a chaotic neutral human.


A single parent living in Wolf’s Ear, Ayik Balderson was a prospector for years operating out of the nearby mountains to the south-east of the small town. His daughter, Essa, stayed behind and was taught and raised by the town tutor, Jarl Urmore, a friend of Balderson, until the time that she grew old enough to assist her father with his prospecting.

He began taking his daughter with him on his expeditions as she grew old enough to contribute to the work of setting up and breaking down camps at the age of 10. After an earthquake hit the region closing several mines during the summer, Balderson took Essa with him to inspect the mines that had been declared closed. Beginning their journey the following spring, they would meet with their fates in the abandoned gold mine of an unnamed mountain.

Ayik Baldreson

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